The Magic of Making Up: Calming Your Mind

One of the things that make people think that TW Jackson’s book is the magic of making up review is that he starts with giving you the techniques and tools necessary to calm your mind. Right on his website, he gives you a video tutorial on the effects of your mind is only able to concentrate on a couple of things at once.

The human mind, even though it has an amazing capacity for learning and storing information, can only concentrate on two, maybe three, things at once. Thinking about the most important thing at any given moment will give you an extreme amount of power. Jackson extols on the fact that you need to get your mind straight before you can concentrate on getting your loved one back. To do this, you need to get rid of the multitude of intrusive thoughts – like “what did I do,” etc. – to be able to give yourself a leg up in regaining and reconnecting with your ex.